PROMISE Of a Brighter Future

PROMISE Of a Brighter Future

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The Senarillos
Liza Senarillos (left) stands outside her home in the Philippines with her kids Adrian, 9, Apple Kate, 10, and Ediza, 12.

Just two years ago, the future Ediza, Apple Kate and Adrian Senarillos were facing was heartbreaking. At the time, their family had almost no income and most days were dominated by hunger. Their living conditions were just as desperate and their house began to deteriorate around them. With no money to pay school fees, it seemed the children would spend their entire lives in crushing poverty.

But right around this time last year, something wonderful happened: their family received the gift of pigs and training in their care from a generous Heifer International donor. Combined with their determination and trainings that included agro-forestry, livestock and business management, disaster preparedness, leadership, marketing and feed mixing, the Senarillos were able to take control of their own destiny.

The impact you can have on children like Ediza, Apple Kate and Adrian Senarillos in the Philippines will forever change their lives — and yours. And thanks to Passing on the Gift®, it will help change the lives of families and children like the Senarillos for generations to come. Please, don't wait to act. Donate today.