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Your gift could mean the difference between a family barely surviving and truly thriving.

Aquicklinah Njivah recalls a time when there wasn't much for her family — or anyone else in her town of Komorai, Zimbabwe — to be hopeful about. "Other people laughed at her," says her son Nysha, "because she had nothing."

One day, a friend, who was chairwoman of a local women’s group, told Aquicklinah about a project started by Heifer International. She was hesitant at first, but her friend was persuasive, so she decided to visit the group. After seeing what her friend said was true, she decided to join the project. She received her heifer at a Passing on the Gift® ceremony from her neighbor. “There was a great celebration,” she said. “I was happy and could see my life was now good.”

Aquicklinah Njivah
Aquicklinah Njivah

Aquicklinah now has enough milk for her family's nutrition, enough produce to sell for income, enough money for her children's education, and enough resources to reinvest in the farm she shares with her husband and build a new home.

Best of all: now she is the one encouraging others to participate. Women in her village have seen what she accomplished and want to join. They have shown through this project that they can plow, tend the animals and manage their farms as small businesses that can provide steady food and income for their families. Aquicklinah shares her newfound expertise with others — even the people who once laughed at her because of her poverty now come to her to learn, and she is happy to share with them.

Thanks to determined women like Aquicklinah and the helping hands of Heifer donors like you, stunning transformations are unfolding around the world. The importance of successes of the women of the world cannot be understated, for both their families and the global community. Closing the gender gap could mean reducing worldwide hunger by up to 17 percent. And that's why we are asking you to make a special gift right now.

Your gift could mean the difference between a family barely surviving and truly thriving. Please help us provide livestock and training to more women farmers today.