Your GiftHelpsEast African Farmers 

Your GiftHelpsEast African Farmers 

EADD - Phase II

Make an Impact that Lasts a Lifetime

Our goal for Phase II of EADD is to empower 136,000 smallholder farming families to move beyond subsistence. Our strategy is to help them increase their milk productivity and efficiency, help them sell more milk by connecting to markets and improve infrastructure with collection hubs and chilling plants.

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Your support, along with that of Elanco, will help us accelerate the pace of change by funding Phase II of the East Africa Dairy Development. As one of the world’s leading animal health companies, Elanco supports diverse global projects through employee and customer engagement to fight hunger and food insecurity issues. Elanco’s commitment to making food more accessible through healthy animals and advanced food safety, coupled with their desire to create sustainable community partnerships, creates avenues of hope and change for families worldwide.

A longtime partner of Heifer International, Elanco recognizes that the East Africa Dairy Development project has the power to transform an entire region. Please join them in supporting our efforts.

Many efforts are underway to reach this goal.  Gifts received up to $1.5mm will be matched. Gifts received over $2mm will go towards the entire mission of Heifer International.