Children Deserve Happiness

Children Deserve Happiness

Give Where Needed Most

Change Kids' Lives for the Better

The feelings of joy and celebration that come with this time of year can easily be seen in our children as they eagerly anticipate the season of giving and sharing. It's a sense of cheer that every child around the world deserves to know. But that happiness is a prospect that escapes many families who deal with the very harsh realities of hunger and poverty.

Opolot Cecilia, age 5, with one of her family's goats.
Opolot Cecilia, 5, with one of her family's goats. They named the goat Heifer, as thanks for the way Heifer International's donors have empowered them.

That's how it was for 5-year-old Cecilia. Before, every day was a struggle to survive. Cecilia was at high risk of becoming a victim of malnutrition and other hunger-related illnesses that claim too many young, innocent lives. But then her grandparents received Heifer oxen, training in caring for their land and livestock, and seeds to grow peanuts, tomatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables. Cecilia's family was able to improve their health and income, pay for school, and make sanitary changes to their home. They also share what they've learned with their neighbors.

The sustainable changes taking place in Cecilia’s community are not unique to their village in Uganda. They are taking place all over the world where Heifer works. Project families are forming businesses, connecting to new markets and building resilient communities. Over time, your investment in families will continue to grow, and not just through Passing on the Gift®. Earnings translate into a better diet and fewer illnesses. The ability to pay school fees brings limitless possibilities that come from an education. Water wells and healthier homes can be built, and more animals can be purchased for the farm. More than 22 million families now know what it’s like to move closer to independence. That’s change on a global scale — and it’s all a result of the funds Heifer supporters like you help provide.

The potential impact of your gift cannot be overstated. Take this opportunity to share the gift of happiness, and give a child like Cecilia the chance for a better life.