Typhoon Hagupit Relief Fund

Farm families in the Philippines, many of whom are still recovering from last year's devasting Typhoon Haiyan, are facing a new threat from Typhoon Hagupit, locally known as Ruby.

The storm is expected to bring significant damage in a wider coverage from the areas hit last year by Haiyan (Eastern Visayas), including that of the Bicol Region.

Three large Heifer programs are in the path of the storm. These programs support about 9,400 people and comprise 17 different projects. Heifer farming families have  moved animals and family to shelters, and have prepared food, fodder and medicine. Heifer is coordinating with other NGOs to prepare response and support following the impact.  

Give now to support Heifer's efforts to help our project partners in the Philippines weather this storm.

All donations through this page go to Heifer International's Disaster Rehabilitation Fund, which is used to assist Heifer project participants around the globe who are affected by natural disasters.While not a disaster relief agency, in the event of a major disaster that exceeds a project community’s capacity to respond, Heifer partners with relief agencies and first-responders on the ground to support the efforts in communities where we work, with a focus on livestock and agricultural systems rehabilitation.

Heifer International is following developments in the region closely. Read the latest updates on what's happening on the ground.

Disaster Rehabilitation Fund