New Beginnings Start With You

New Beginnings Start With You

Give a Life-Changing Gift of Hope

You Are the Catalyst

Each Heifer animal you donate is a productive new beginning for a family desperate to break free of poverty, malnutrition and despair. Each is a source of many years of income and food security, as well as profound peace of mind, for a family dedicated to its care. And each is the powerful result of your contribution to Heifer International.

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Without your support, our work is not possible. Reconnect with Heifer International and save lives now.

At 48, Sok Chrep joined Heifer’s Improving Income and Nutrition through Community Empowerment Project this year. Since moving back to Prey Village in Cambodia after marrying her husband Um, Sok had to learn for herself how to be independent, make choices of her own and do things to pull herself and her family ahead.

“I am confident we will succeed,” Sok said with pride. “We are hardworking and will do whatever it takes to achieve our goals.”

That ethic, shared by hundreds of Sok’s neighbors and by countless families being uplifted by Heifer projects, holds the key to eliminating poverty. That set of values is perpetuated with each gift you make to Heifer.

A new beginning is on the horizon for Sok and her family. Please make more of these amazing transformations possible by making a gift to Heifer International today.