Children Deserve a Brighter Future

Children Deserve a Brighter Future

Give a Child Joy This Holiday Season

Help Millions of Children Achieve Their Dreams.

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We all want the same thing for our children: a chance for them to live to the fullest of their potential. Yet millions of them are denied that chance, because their families struggle in abject poverty. Without your support through Heifer International, these families would have very little or no income.

For more than 70 years, Heifer International has worked with generous supporters, just like you, who have been dedicated to helping families put food on the table each day. That is why we are working so hard this holiday season to provide children and their families with a critically important source of daily nutrition and regular income.

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At the core of Heifer’s efforts to help struggling families break the cycle of poverty is Passing on the Gift. By empowering gift-recipient families to become gift-giving families, the impact of your support is able to reach deep into some of the world’s most isolated communities where children have so few opportunities to break free from the extreme poverty that has faced their parents and grandparents.

Your gifts of livestock and training from Heifer mean more than providing these kids with nutritious milk to drink or eggs to eat. You are also giving their parents the means to earn income so they can provide their children with better living conditions, better education and the opportunity for a more promising future.

The next generation deserves a chance to escape hunger and poverty. You have the power to give it to them. Reach out to help children in need this holiday season by making a special gift on their behalf.