It doesn't take much, but we DO need YOU.

It doesn't take much, but we DO need YOU.

Give a Life-Changing Gift of Hope

See how this Heifer family turned hopelessness into opportunity.

Molina and her daughters

Your support helped a family just like Molina and Mohammed’s lift themselves from poverty. Help another family today.

In the tiny village of Joari Uttar Para in the Natore district of Bangladesh, wages are low and poverty is a way of life. Molina Begum, a mother of two precious daughters, worked hard to meet her family’s basic needs on day-laborer wages of less than fifty cents. Molina believed that a new Heifer project could help the family recover and move forward, but her husband Mohammed was skeptical. He was not used to trusting outsiders, and wary of accepting his wife’s opinion on the project’s benefits.

A cow they named Sonamoina (which means golden bird) transformed the family’s fortune. Both daughters participated in milking the cow, planting seedlings and helping to restore their security and health. Once driven by frustration and mistrust, Mohammed became an advocate for Heifer and encouraged other husbands to support their wives in joining the project. Now no longer in debt, the lives of Mohammed, Molina and their daughters have been transformed through their involvement with Heifer in Bangladesh.

Gender and justice are critical components of Heifer’s work in Bangladesh. It is essential to change male attitudes toward themselves, their roles in the communities, and the abilities of their wives to contribute and even lead the way forward.

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