The Smiles are New.The Cow?Now that's a story.

The Smiles are New.The Cow?Now that's a story.

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Ronny and Bahati
Ronny milks Bahati

Ronny Onyango's story could easily have ended in tragedy.

When he came down with measles four years ago, his mother Faith was scared. In a small, west Kenyan village like Ulafu, a disease like measles could kill a child. For the poor Onyangos, the emergency regimen of milk and eggs prescribed to nurse Ronny back to health would have been impossible years before.

But Ronny was able to get the nutrition he needed thanks to a gift from Heifer International: a cow named "Bahati." The family sold the milk she produced to buy chickens for eggs, and when Ronny fell ill and needed the protein, it was Bahati's milk that nourished him back to health.

Onyango children
The Onyango children

The family cow saved Ronny's life — and keeps him healthy and active today.

Multiply the story of Ronny's family by about two million, and you'll have an idea of Heifer's impact on hunger and poverty this year — and it's all thanks to donors like you.

There are nearly 870 million people around the world who still do not have enough to eat. You have the opportunity to change that. Your generosity could mean the difference between a child suffering from malnutrition and a child having a chance at a healthy, meaningful life. Please, donate now, so more stories, like Ronny's, can have happy endings.

It's your generosity that gives hope and prosperity. Your gift today will secure a brighter tomorrow.