The Armenian Missionary Association of the United States of America (AMAA)


The Armenian Missionary Association of America, Armenia branch (AMAA Armenia) serves the people of Armenia in the name of Christ, for the purposes of sharing the love of Christ through word and deed and for God’s glory.

As a Christian Humanitarian organization, the AMAA Armenia’s primary mission is to help improve the quality of life or Armenians by helping the people of Armenia improve the quality of their lives by providing the needy with financial, medical, educational, cultural, and job-finding assistance, as well as while not ignoring other segments of society, AMAA Armenia pays special attention to the children of Armenia. Armenian Missionary Association of the United States of America (AMAA) Armenia is committed to improving the social and financial conditions of the people of Armenia. AMAA addresses this problem through three types of programs:

1. Direct financial and material aid. These programs are for those who are unable to work because of age, health or family reasons.

2. Educational and vocational training programs for those who have the potential to improve their chances of employment.

3. Development and job creation programs for those who are capable and willing to work, but cannot find work. One of AMAA’s objectives in Armenia, as stated in its five-year strategic plan is to assist those that are capable to work, find jobs or prepare for the job market through scholarships and job-training programs and by providing employment opportunities by operating small enterprises.

AMAA Armenia is the Armenia branch of the Armenian Missionary Association of America , whose headquarters is in Paramus, NJ, USA. AMAA is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are elected by the membership. The organization is led by the AMAA Executive Director. AMAA is currently implementing various assistance projects in rural areas of Armenia, supporting the families in need. AMAA is partnering with various organizations, amongst which are “Hope for Armenia of France”, “World Vision”, and “SEL of France”.


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