Study Tours

With this experience, you’ll see big changes…and the biggest may be the one you see in yourself.

Heifer Study Tours are designed for organized Heifer support groups to visit project partner communities engaged in Heifer’s mission. It is a journey into the daily lives of extraordinary people. As you visit with the farmers and families who are working with Heifer you will learn more than you could have imagined.

Heifer’s Study Tour groups observe Heifer’s model of sustainable development in action. While projects vary widely, visitors might see a bio-gas unit generating power from manure in China, meet the alpacas that help farmers in the fragile high altitudes of Ecuador or see families harvest honey from their bee colonies in Poland.

Heifer Study Tours take you beyond your ideas about poverty and build understanding of what the human spirit is capable of overcoming. When your community meets the communities engaged with Heifer, you will be touched by their stories, motivated by their achievements and inspired to overcome the challenges in your own life.

If you are a member of a group interested in a deeper engagement with Heifer (such as a faith community, civic group, volunteer group, or educators) and would like to discuss the potential of a Study Tour for your group, please contact us to learn more.