Milk for Money

ID # 27-0252-12

Heifer Armenia in cooperation with Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD)
The goal of this project is to improve the food security and economic viability of farmers through improved access to advanced veterinary services, supply inputs and produce output markets via establishment of Integrated Service and Marketing Centers (ISMC) in three regions of Armenia (Syunik, Shirak and Lori). The project is an integrated approach to improve the dairy value chain in Armenia, which is aimed at promotion of sustainable improvements in milk production, marketing and processing, as well as at increasing rural incomes, and generating rural employment. The chain will include farmers, veterinary practitioners, dairy processing companies, and farm input suppliers, which will result in improved raw milk production, milk quality and quantity, advanced farming practices and enhanced milk marketing and processing. Within the project framework, three ISMCs will be established in three regions of Armenia, which will combine discrete elements of the value chain under one roof. These three ISMCs will provide services at least to 12 rural communities (one ISMC will serve four neighboring villages) and will ultimately reach more than 3,000 families. The project will equip the ISMCs with trained agricultural specialists, farm supplies, artificial insemination supplies and milk collection equipment. In turn, the ISMCs will provide adequate services, technical assistance and supplies to farmers, as well as purchase the end product (milk) and sell it to milk processors. The project is implemented by Heifer Armenia and CARD, through strong coordination of project activities between the project partners. Heifer Armenia will implement the livestock component of the project and CARD will implement the ISMC establishment component. The project will be overseen by both partners.