Milk for Better Livelihoods

ID # 27-0254-12

Heifer Armenia in cooperation with Ashtarak Kat CJSC
The goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods and economic viability of farmers from Vahan, Gorayk, Pemzashen, Agarak and Khachaghbyur communities through the enforcement of integrated dairy production and market linking model. The model will address advanced farm management practices, such as animal nutrition and husbandry, as well as increase the access of dairy farmers to output dairy markets. The project will strengthen and link the farmers to the dairy value chain in Armenia, through promotion of systematic improvements in animal and milk production, marketing and processing. The project will help the cooperatives increase and improve their production capacities, thus providing access for additional farmers to the Armenian dairy market. In addition to growing the production capacities of the cooperatives, the project will help the farmers increase their production capacities and improve their technological knowledge and skills. The objectives of the project are as follows: ? Improve the socioeconomic conditions of the target rural population through increasing the efficiency and productivity of rural economies ? Increase the income of the target population through linking them to the market The project will target 1,000 families throughout the project lifetime. The project participants will receive barley seeds to establish their own feed base. The animals of these farmers will be inseminated and the established milk collection unit will collect the milk from them. This will ensure additional income for the farmers through increased milk production and larger profit margins incremental to centralized and quality milk marketing.