Kapan cattle breeding project

Project ID# 27-0246-01

Through the provision of agricultural inputs, specialized trainings and technical assistance, this project supports 96 families in the Tsav, Hund, Shikahogh and Srashen communities of the Armenian Kapan region in Syunik marz. By supporting livelihood development, the region’s unemployment rate will decrease, thereby curbing urban migration.  Heifer Armenia will provide 48 families with 48 gravid heifers, ensuring food security in the community and improving the socio-economic conditions of their households. The trainings throughout the project lifetime, including agroecology, will ensure the adoption of sustainable farming practices by the farmers, which in turn will ensure sustainable livelihoods for the families.  After three year period another 48 families will benefit through passing on the gift of 48 heifers.

For this project , Heifer Armenia participates with Development Principles Ngo, which acts as the Project holder