Joint Efforts to Benefit More People: Heifer – Ashtarak Kat Cooperation to Reach New Horizons

Milk for Better Livelihoods ID# 27-054-12

 Five more communities of Armenia benefited from the cooperation of Heifer Armenia and the Armenian Leading Milk Producer Ashtarak Kat CJSC. In 2011 the Milk for Better Livelihoods project commenced in Khachaghbyur, Shatvan and Vahan Villages of Gegharqunik region, Shaghat of Syunik region and Agarak village of Lori region of Armenia.

Shaghat village cooperative has indeed worked hard and done a great job in helping the cooperative members. The cooperative had already received a milk cooling unit, and Heifer Armenia provided the members with the equipment and practice on artificial insemination to be able to make the best use of the milk cooling unit, increase the productivity and improve the breed of their animals.2012_ Input placement_ Shaghat

Thus, in the framework of the program and starting 2011, 73 families have benefited from the AI provided by Heifer Armenia, inseminating around 150 animals in total. Most of the animals are expected to give birth in spring; a few animals have already delivered.

Apart from the AI, the Heifer Armenia also provided the cooperatives with technical crops particularly barley to plant and prepare nutritional base for the animals. The crops were acquired from the adjacent village Uyts, which has a crop-producing farm and produces crop of very good quality, meeting all the main standards.

The members of the cooperative have been able to receive around 2.8 tons of yield from the crops provided this year, which is quite a good indicator, despite the unfavorable climate during the whole year. This fact made part of the project participants express willingness to fulfill the POG earlier the due date, which will extend the number of families supported in spring.2012_ Input placement_ Shaghat2 (5)

“It is not only about the equipment and crops. Had we no knowledge on the topic we would not be able to achieve all the success we have now. Heifer has planned everything, and as part of our engagement with the project we also received some very good trainings on Artificial Insemination, on Crops Production, as well as the cornerstones and basic principles of Heifer work all over the world. This indeed is a holistic and very serious approach to the work they are doing, for which we are very thankful to the organization”,- shares with us Arsen Babayan, the member of the cooperative, an animal technician.

 Script by Aram Petrosyan

Program Coordinator

Written by Emma Sargsyan

Media Coordinator