Goat Farming and Cheese Production in Six Villages of Ijevan Region (Tavush Marz) of Armenia

ID # ARM-01-FR

Heifer Armenia
The project funded by Heifer France aims at improving the socio-economic situation of 60 (original) participant families living in six communities of Ijevan region (Tavush marz) – Kirants, Sevkar, Tsaghkavan, Sarigyugh, Acharkut, Berkaber). At the same time the new breed goats from France donated by Heifer France will contribute to the improvement of the local goats through cross-breeding. The villages are located along the border with Azerbaijan and have been forced to get involved into the war actions to protect their villagers. The majority of population of these villages is involved in animal breeding and has enough expertise to handle high productivity goats. It is planned that the most successful farmers will generate a goat farmers’ association, which in future will start making goat cheese and market it in and outside of Armenia. At the same time, the project will help the participants to use the marketing potential. It will contribute to the reduction of the level of poverty and unemployment in the region, as well as prevention of urban migration. After the pass-ons, there will be 180 families that are able to produce goat milk and thus sustain their household enterprises. A goat cheese factory will be established to process the produced milk surplus. The processed milk will be marketed in the markets of Marz center – Ijevan, Yerevan and the Sadakhlo market on the Georgia-Armenia border.