“Gitelik” University

“Gitelik” University is a higher educational institution that offers graduate and post-graduate education. The official opening ceremony of the University took place on October 4, 2004. “Gitelik” University was registered as a legal entity by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia on 22 March, 2004, and it was licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science in June, 2004, as an Institution with authority to grant Bachelor of Arts degree to its graduates and, since December, 2004, Master’s degree as well (license #286). Armenian professors with doctoral degree in pedagogy are included in the faculty, as well as foreign professors. Currently around 500 rural Youth are studying in the university. Studies are carried out according to the curricula adopted by the Ministry of Education and Science; teaching and testing systems are based on European methods. In addition to the knowledge gained from their professional education our students also attend compulsory English language and computer courses which are very important for their educational process as foreign professors teach at the University as well. Studies at the University are charged. The fee for one academic year is 100.000 AMD per student. Students with excellent academic records will enjoy different privileges and awards including scholarship. Due to Bishop Abraham Mkrtchyan™s excellent networking, there is an opportunity for the best students to continue their education in different European higher educational institutions.

E-mail: syunik@arminco.com