Fuller Center for Housing Armenia

FCHA logoFuller Center for Housing Armenia (FCHA) is a non-governmental charitable organization that supports community development in the Republic of Armenia by assisting in building and renovating simple, decent and affordable homes, as well as advocating the right to decent shelter as a matter of conscience and action.
Fuller Center for Housing Armenia provides long term, interest-free loans to low income families. Their monthly repayments flow into the Revolving Fund and are used to help more families, thereby providing the financial foundation for a sustainable community development effort.

Since 2008, FCH and Heifer Armenia have been collaborating and working side by side on projects that support economic and social development in rural areas of the country. The organizations worked together on four projects that supported 395 rural families to establish small agribusinesses, develop their household economies, and improve housing conditions for the family.

Learn more on: http://www.fullercenterarmenia.org/