From Despair to Stable Nutrition

Chinari Cattle Breeding Project #27-0245-01                        

Lately we were driving back from the regular monitoring of Chinari Cattle Breeding project, when on the way we saw Vachagan, a Heifer Project Participant who was taking his cow back from the pasture. We stopped to greet him and ask to share about his success.  The Badalyans  were engaged in Heifer’s project in Choratan village of Tavush region still back in 2008. They received a cow from Heifer Armenia and are considered one of the most diligent project participants of the village.

The family consists of 5 members: Vachagan (50), his wife Manushak (41) and their 3 children: the daughters – Lusine (22) and Tatev (20) and the son Narek (9), Vachagan’s little assistant.

Vachagan’s family has already fulfilled their pass-on responsibility in 2011, however, they keep in touch with Heifer Armenia and enthusiastically share their success and experience with us.

“Now we have 4 animals in our barn: the cow that Heifer provided to us, its calf which has grown into a heifer and two more calves. The last one was born two months ago. We get 10-12 liters of milk daily. When our pregnant heifer delivers we hope our income will increase more. What Heifer does, is unbelievable. It takes families out of poverty. Moreover, it provides its project participants with knowledge and skills which one can use during all his life”, Vachagan shared sincerely.

Before getting support from Heifer the family was desperate. They had absolutely nothing. No animal, no job, no stable income. Their nutrition consisted only of  the veggies such as potatoes, corns, cucumber, beets that they grew in the tiny piece of land behind their partially destroyed house.

The family’s condition is more than stable now. They have daily milk and homemade dairy products. Vachagan sells the surplus of milk and veggies to cover the expenses of buying bread, meat and fruits for the family. Their nutrition has improved a lot.

“I’m happy to share my success story with you. Pass many thanks to your diligent staff and the best wishes to all Heifer donors”, asked me Vachagan and waved us for good-bye.

Indeed, seeing the impact of your work on other people makes you work even better and strive to help as many people as you can.

Photos and script by Aram Petrosyan

Program Coordinator