CARMAC (Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness) Project

ID # 27-0253-12

The CARMAC Project is designed to improve the productivity and sustainability of pasture-based livestock farms in 55 mountainous communities in six regions (marzes) of Armenia by increasing milk production, improving pasture management, and enhancing farm sales of livestock products. The CARMAC Project will introduce innovative community-based pasture/fodder-based livestock production practices. Villages are selected based on their interest in improving their livestock production through the sustainable use of pasture resources. The CARMAC Project will also help improve pasture management through investments in infrastructure, community level agri-business, and related support services. Most importantly, the investments will be channeled through pasture user associations ? all-inclusive cooperatives created for the management of community pasture resources. The CARMAC Project is co-funded by the Farmer?s cooperatives and the Armenian Government from the World Bank loan funds. It is implemented by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the Republic of Armenia (RA). Heifer Armenia was invited by the MoA PIU to assist rural communities and farmers? cooperatives in project implementation and co-funding to ease the burden on the communities. The overall development goal of the project is to improve productivity and sustainability of pasture/livestock livelihood systems in selected communities. This will be evidenced by: 1. Increased livestock productivity as measured by milk productivity and increase in daily animal weight gain 2. Increased efficiency of communal pasture management, as measured by increased communal budgetary revenues from lease of pastures 3. Increased farm net income from livestock 4. Increased Pasture Health Index