Business–minded Nazar Plans to Enlarge his Pig Farm

Project YANOA # 27 – 0221 – 11


The Youth Club trainers describe Nazar as a responsible, diligent and kind person. “The difference between Nazar and the rest of the members of the club is that he was all by himself to create and implement the project: no one intervened or helped him. He had prepared a place in the barn for the pig well in advance, and as soon as the days became warmer he moved the animal into a more comfortable summer “house”. He even gave name to the animal; – Mashok!”,- tells us the Hushakert Youth Club Trainer.DSC02353

Being a member of the local Youth club, Nazar decided to found his own business, as there have always been thoughts on how to start making money in his mind. So he presented his business plan to Heifer Armenia , which was approved. He started his project in the April of 2012. From the AMD 40,000 (USD 100) that Nazar received from the organization he spent AMD 25,000 to buy a piglet, and with the rest of the money he bought feed, medicines and also paid for vet services. The 13- year old boy is very careful and attentive: Mashok is always fed on time, it is clean and tidy, and no wonder – happy.  During summer, to cut his expenses a bit, Nazar fed the piglet with grass, in addition to the food he had bought.

“My project is prospering: the piglet never ever got ill. This all is the result of my care and attention and the fact that I indeed love taking care of animals. I made summer and winter “houses” for my piglet, they were always clean and tidy. I encountered a small problem with food acquisition, where the money I possessed was not enough, so I borrowed some from my dad, which I am going to return. Overall, my business was successful. Due to my care Mashok had gained 80 kg of meat, which I sold AMD 3,000 (US 8) per kilo. The buyers were registered in advance. They were mainly our co-villagers, who were aware about my business and saw how careful I was towards the animal. My overall profit was AMD 240,000 (USD 580), 40,000 out of which I am going to return as the POG, I will also pay back the AMD 80,000 I borrowed, and as net profit I will have AMD 120,000 at my disposal. This means, that next year I can restart my own business without any debts, just on my own” ,- enthusiastically shared his success with us the 13 – year old Nazar.

By Anna Arakelyan

Business Education Expert

Development Principles NGO

Translated from ArmenianDSC02356