Breed Improvement for Better Livelihoods

Project ID# 27-0247-01

The proposed project aims at increasing the dairy productivity of cattle and thus benefit for the small holder families, through artificial insemination, to build better livelihoods and increase the impact of Heifer assistance in twenty communities in Armenia in two years. The targeted communities are in six regions of Armenia as follows: Khachik, Areni, Arpi, Nalbandyan, Kirants, Berqaber, Sevkar, Lukashin, Chinari, Choratan, Debed, Srashen, Tsav, Nerkin Hand, Shikahogh, Poqr Sariar, Mets Sariar, Meghrashat, Gusanagiugh and Shenik.

In close partnership with CARD (Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development- former USDA), the project will directly target 800 original and 800 POG families from 20 Heifer projects’ communities (40 original and 40 POG families from each of 20 communities, one cow per family).

The project is actively contributing to the following:

- Rural Development

- Community Empowerment

-Partnership and Networking

-Knowledge and Management

Within the framework of the Program, 800 original and 800 families will benefit from artificial insemination

The local animals will be bred with semen of Brown Swiss and Jersey breeds, which crossbreds are tested to perform well in local conditions. During the project lifetime, along with artificial insemination activities, the project will provide training on Heifer methodology, cattle management and artificial insemination to the participants. The community veterinarians will receive theoretical, practical trainings on AI techniques, as well as Artificial Insemination equipment and supplies (provided by CARD) to continue their work in the communities and region.