Beekeeping to Support Education

ID #27-0223-01

Syunik NGO
The goal of this project is to support the families of the students enrolled in the rural university of Yeghegnadzor. This project ensures food security, creates a source of sustainable income, and enables the families to provide resources and means for continuation of the studies. The project provides beehives and trainings in honey production. As long as the project area is located in the alpine zones, it gives an opportunity to further develop this sector. In the first phase, Heifer Armenia provides 5 beehives to 60 families. Based on the knowledge and skills provided by the trainings, the families produce and market honey. Furthermore, they join the Regional Honey Producers Association Egheg, which is planned to become a member of the National Federation of Beekeepers. Being a member of association, they are able to easily market their production and create links with other beekeepers for further development.