Agricultural Development project in Spitak and Lernantsk communities

Project ID# 27-0251 -11

The Agricultural Development Project in Spitak and Lernantsk Communities aims at improving the socioeconomic situation of 120 original and Pass on the Gift (POG) recipient families. The project will initiate sheep and pig breeding small-holder farms, create a feed base for the farmers and improve animal shelter conditions to achieve better livestock production. The project participants will receive technical assistance and acquire knowledge on designated topics.

In the fall of 2010, 20 families from Spitak community have received 40 pregnant pigs (two per family). An additional 40 families will benefit through POG (2 POGs). Also in the fall of 2010, 20 families from Lernantsk community will receive 100 pregnant sheep (five per family). An additional 40 families will receive sheep through POG (2POGs). The project participant families have improved their nutrition through the consumption of meat and dairy products and will help families increase their household income. Throughout the project, these families will receive trainings and technical assistance. The project also serves as an employment opportunity for families, thus decreasing urban migration in targeted areas.