About Us

Heifer in Armenia

Since 1999, Heifer International’s Armenia program has assisted more than 10,000 families in building small, viable farm businesses. We work to improve the socio-economic situation of vulnerable families through investing in rural communities and working with those communities to find solutions to economic, social and ecological problems. Our principles guide us to encourage the spirit of self- reliant Armenian families. We advance small farm renewal and strengthen economic cooperation in the region. Heifer Armenia’s impact results in a network of capable, economically productive farming families who contribute to the growth, health and wealth of Armenia.

Along with Heifer Armenia’s direct small farm and community development investments, we are committed to working with the country’s rural youth. A partnership with Development Principles NGO and other forward thinking organizations allows us to establish and successfully run
29 youth clubs that benefit 2,200 children a year. These extracurricular clubs focus on developing skills in agriculture, ecology, civic education and rights, journalism, healthy lifestyles, logical thinking and business. As a result, Heifer Armenia creates a countrywide rural network that trains Armenia’s youth to become peer leaders and educators. We believe in Armenia’s youth and are dedicated to help them create a prosperous future for Armenia.

Heifer International

For more than 65 years, Heifer International has partnered with millions of smallholder farmers to help bring them from hunger to sustainability and from sustainability to prosperity. We provide communities with access to livestock, training, veterinary care, community development and entry to markets for the sale of their products. Each family starts out as a recipient of a gift, and once successful, passes along a gift to another family in need. This creates a cycle of giving and is a foundation of workable long-term development.

Heifer International empowers families to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty and into lives filled with dignity and self-reliance. A Values Based Holistic Community Development model allows Heifer to offer a hand up, not a hand out. Our model has been proven in more than 125 countries, through thousands of projects, benefiting more than 15 million families.