Welcome to Heifer International Armenia

Welcome to Heifer International Armenia.

Smallholder agriculture in rural mountainous Armenia is in sharp decline. Poor land and animal management create unproductive pastures and anemic animals. Lack of access to agricultural markets discourages community development and insufficient infrastructure impedes the ability of rural Armenians to improve the health and productivity of their farms.

Since 1999, Heifer International’s Armenia program has assisted more than 8,000 families in building small, viable farm businesses. We work to improve the socio-economic situation of vulnerable families through investing in rural communities and working with those communities to find solutions to economic, social and ecological problems. Our principles guide us to encourage the spirit of self-reliant Armenian families. We advance small farm renewal and strengthen economic cooperation in the region. Heifer Armenia’s impact results in a network of capable, economically productive farming families who contribute to the growth, health and wealth of Armenia.

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