Heifer International Celebrates World Humanitarian Day

Heifer International project participant Seyran Hambardzumyan, standing here with his cows, offers his veterinary services to his own village and surrounding communities in Armenia.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (August 19, 2013) – Heifer International is observing World Humanitarian Day by highlighting those who work to give hope, possibilities and opportunities to people around the world who are not provided those same opportunities. With a mission to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth, Heifer International thrives on the humanitarian spirit.

A great example of this spirit is Heifer International project participant Dolores Delgado, a guinea pig breeder from Peru’s Huachacay community, who readily shares her knowledge, work ethic and “all or nothing” attitude to inspire and bring success to not only herself but many in her community. It’s this spirit of generosity and common humanity that gives hope to Heifer International that an end to hunger and poverty is truly possible.

This Humanitarian Day, August 19, the United Nations is asking what the world needs more of. Heifer International project participants, staff and volunteers work every day to answer that question, and to supply those needs.

Seyran Hambardzumyan, project participant from Tatev, a remote village in Armenia, readily supplies a need for veterinary services in his native village and three surrounding communities. A vet of about 40 years and now a farmer with five cows, he conducts these vet duties with a high sense of responsibility and is doing what he can to support the work Heifer is doing there.

Heifer International projects enable the poor and hungry to become humanitarians themselves in many ways, including its Passing on the Gift® model, in which each project participant passes on its animal’s first-born offspring, along with training, to another family in the community. Heifer also allows people everywhere to become part of this humanitarian effort when they donate an animal from Heifer’s catalog.