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Leadership Team

Meet Our Leaders

Heifer’s leadership brings a robust level of experience to Heifer’s mission in ending hunger and poverty in a sustainable way.

  • Pierre Ferrari, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Pierre Ferrari, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Pierre Ferrari was born in the Belgian Congo (today the Democratic Republic of Congo). Ferrari received a master’s degree in economics from The University of Cambridge and an Master's of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He joined Heifer with more than 40 years of business experience at companies like Coca-Cola USA, CARE and the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund.

  • Steve Denne, Chief Operating Officer

    Steve Denne, Chief Operating Officer

    Steve Denne earned his Master's of Business Administration from Yale University, School of Management, after receiving his bachelor of arts degree in Economics and English from Denison University. Before moving to Heifer, he worked at the American Red Cross for 26 years in fundraising and communication. He has also worked at the Pentagon as a defense analyst.

  • Robert “Bob” Bloom, Chief Financial Officer

    Robert “Bob” Bloom, Chief Financial Officer

    Robert “Bob” Bloom is a Certified Public Accountant with an accounting degree from the University of Illinois. Bloom brings a wealth of financial experience to Heifer. He has previously worked at Vestcom, a communications provider; Acxiom Corp., a data processing and content provider; a sporting goods company and an accounting firm.

  • Cindy Jones-Nyland, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Resource Development

    Cindy Jones-Nyland, Chief Marketing Officer

    Cindy Jones-Nyland has a degree in marketing from Washburn University and a Master's of Business Adminstration from the University of Texas at Arlington. Drawing from her vast experience in digital engagement and technology, she directs Heifer’s global branding, marketing and fundraising efforts. She has previously worked with Lifeblue Media and Susan G. Komen For the Cure as well as Oracle, MetaSolv Software and SBC.

  • Rene Rockwell, Executive Office Director and Board Liason

    Rene Rockwell, Board Liaison and Executive Office Director

    René Rockwell joined Heifer International in July 2000.  She has more than 20 years of experience in managing a fast-paced executive office and in directly coordinating and managing Board of Director and executive leadership functions and processes. Prior to joining Heifer, René provided human resource support and management to a national lending institution. Prior to its merger with the Arkansas Democrat, Rene also worked for the “oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi”, the Arkansas Gazette. René holds a B.A. from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

  • Hilary Haddigan, Director of Planning and Enterprise Effectiveness

    Hilary Haddigan, Vice President of Planning and Enterprise Effectiveness

    Hilary Haddigan has worked with Heifer since October 1999. As Planning and Enterprise Effectiveness Director, she leads the development of organization strategy, as well as cross-cutting intitiatives that advance change. Prior to Heifer, Hilary worked with Christian Aid in the UK, Volunteer Missionary Movement in Zimbabwe and as a teacher in the northwest of England - her homeland.